Friday 20 May 2011


I was inspired by a theme on WGSN called 'Faux Real'. I started by producing a moodboard into the theme for inspiration. This has inspired me to create these bright and bold designs based on peacock feathers and jewellery for Hallmark card company. I am going to develop these designs further on photoshop and produce a range of gift wrap designs.

Final Digitally Printed Floor Cushion

Here is my final floor cushion design that I have digitally printed. I have started to add embroidery onto it and I am also going to develop this further by adding beads and sequins onto it, to give an area of my cushion an focal point.

Photoshop Floor Cushion Design's

I have produced these photoshop style floor cushion design's based on my designs from flowers and combinding plant cells. I have also played about with the effects on photoshop to see which style works best for my cushion.

Full Bloom (Part 2)

 Here is some drawings and paintings I have produced, based on unusal  flowers with an combination of plant form cells.

Monday 21 March 2011

Full Bloom

WGSN Trend (Full Bloom) was the inspiration for these digitally printed and embellished samples.


Inspiration came from shells, bugs and images created by Ernst Haeckl.  This helped me to produce my designs to be digitally printed and over printed for final pieces.